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Soul Whispers


Translated Whispers of Immortal Testaments - by Dawn Cowan

My existence, passages
once dreamed upon the palette
of nightsighs and piano-reigned lullabies,
a concerto of Mozart-twined lyrics
drenching a trinity-slain moon
in serenades tossed beneath wind-strewn dandelions
scattered upon the temples of crumbled cathedrals
a prayer is born
through God-Anointed resurrections
in the wreckage of verses and broken words,
smoldering in ashes of vows
tarnished in a crimson lament

translated the whispers
tangled in the windchimes of my immortal crave
pulling me from impaled forgiveness
of slaughtered worship,
where we were once broken angels
abandoned upon altars of mascara-smeared sacrifices
arisen from ballads that never rhymed,
and heart-erased memoirs
scribed upon these pages of my life

composed the song
bled in cursive exhales upon my soul,
our braided silhouettes bow-tied
in the silver of starlight,
as the curve of your crescent-eclipsed thunder
inlaid upon a decadent chorus of surrender
where we curl in a dreamship haven
finding the refuge of Neverland
in the swirl of silken ribbons binding our sighs
absorbed in the undressing of velvet hours
deep inside the swollen tide
of an unrehearsed midnight
our rain exposes this prophesized rapture
as the smoke from desire-fragranced embers
pirouettes parched lips,
we swallow the siege of tick-tock heartbeats
lingering in the redolence of liquid blossoms
the scent of soul-jeweled confessions
where we praise the immaculate fragility of love's petals
adorning the gardens of every unborn tomorrow
in the intricate scent of lilac-laced promises
destined to bookmark hymnals of forgotten songs,
wrapping those pages around me
in shades of your ageless ink
rewriting the breeze-kissed hush
of the reticence in awakened eyes
upon the garment of my skin

cashmere trembles awaken azure skies,
as dusk embraces a passing dawn
breathing life into the aftermath
of a holy storm, silenced,
in the eternal stillness of hands
staining the seasons of my legacy
in tattoos of evergreen wonder

Lay your needs, so softly
upon the pillow of my nocturnal passion
I will sway you fallen into the calm ebb
of candlelit mists within baptized psalms
my wings will never fail you
unlace your heart in this freefall collision,
bathe in the cirrus climax of a star-tantra penance,
descending in the seamless secrets
unraveled in amber hues
of these fragments of tranquil absolution

I am the scripture of your incarnate addiction

You are the salvation of my watercolored rainbows

Inhaling the jasmine of your solace
beneath the wildflower nebula of a raincloud's tapestry
as the tears of heaven redefine
the beginnings of prismed sunlight
always aching to shine through staccato-laced overcasts,
love transcended the shrine of every
sun-muted dreamscape cascading in twilight
transforming an indigo-hummed song
into a rhythm I had waited years to touch
as sequin-sprinkled mornings sketched destiny
in a cotton-candy opus
cast in downy shades of home
I never knew before the moment
I fell into the coveted truths of your heart

for the first time in my life....I could finally see
beyond every pearl-silked footprint in this relentless journey

the reflection of my soul in your eyes

Became the chiffon-drenched odyssey of poetry
etched from the flow of a crucificial-pen
spilling our names into one sacred scripture,
unbuttoning the decadent sanguine testaments
into a masterpiece of prophesized redemption

as I gaze into the metaphors of my heart
unveiled in the quiet blue shadows
of your cadent syllables


Heart's Whispers

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Fragile Awakenings - by Dawn Cowan

Love is a slow dance
lost in the music of time
whispered in glances

Life is a mirror
reflections of yesterday
embrace unborn dreams

Lullaby tearsongs
sweet serenade of heartbeats
swaying in exhales

Fragile is a tear
cradled in awakened smiles
prismed in your touch.

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Gossamer Reflections

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.."and when you find you're spending your time wanting for words, but never, my, my...let your bright light shine, let your words live on far beyond this life....far beyond this life"...(Rob Thomas)

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Psalms Of A Gossamer Raven - By Dawn Cowan


Within the veiled abyss of a beautiful storm,
your vermilion-hushed silhouette
slowly cascades upon parched lips,
absorbed into translations of suede-draped obscurity
devoured in the rumble of an unleashed thunder,
subdued in a diaphanous reign,
misting the fragments of desolate orchids
absolved from sanguine-faceted presages
into renascent premonitions,
awakened just beyond tarnished memories
of broken seasons,
hidden inside the redemption of tranquil breezes,
as the cashmere flight of this raven's journey
hovers against burgundy-tinged clouds
unpainting the cinnamon silence,
once, solemn, and imprisoned,
resounding in ageless echoes
of an amaranthine-hummed destination,
soul-lit in the perfume of delicate inflorescence
dancing in scattered reminders of a distant blue horizon,
exposed in the moon-kissed fragrance
of an eclipsed heart awakened in an eloquence
beyond the deliverance of bruised silhouettes
once lost in the exile of colorless blooms

I have seen in this journey of life,
the rain
will flood until the soul is drowning,
leaving the heart to vanish beneath
star-soaked footprints
left upon Picasso-hazed canvases,
where everything shattered and lost along the way
is recaptured within burning blossoms of yesterdays sunlight,
as midnight engraves its reluctant voice
behind cirrus-curtains of promised rainbows,
searing the velvet ambrosia of an empty sky,
lost in fading mirages of blindfolded tears,
tangled in swollen clouds of descending tremors,
never knowing that water-stained palette in time,
would become traced in satin fingerprints
along the edge of an omen
upon the mirror of your pastel rivers
calmly seizing my eyes into the insatiable depths
within the silver-paled reflections
of a passion that bleeds beautiful
in a scarlet crescendo of lilies
brushing ivory-spun prayers
into rosary-creased wishes
dangling, angelic, from my tongue,
spilled into the succulent nectar
of your shadowed essence
falling in an empyrean ascension
in a jeweled elixir of iridescent colors
upon these dew-drenched petals of my soul,
staining my sway in butterfly-kissed lullabies,
painting every paper-winged heartbeat
in lavender-scribed confessions of every secret,
so long held captive in winters sleep
released in a single breath,
now shared in one sacred sigh
as your gossamer wings,
so fragile and beautiful,
wrap around me in a opaque-draped rapture,
pulling warmth from the eternal skies of your eyes
into the immortalized moments savored
in the gentle burn of your descent
into the soul-swallowed poetry
of my alabaster sonnets,
laced in the final repentance of a dying faith,
now, resurrected in infinite scriptures,
as I worship the whispers
scribed in the psalms of your love


< hr>

Twilight's Whispers...A Raven's Epiphany - by Dawn Cowan

searchingfordreams.gif picture by dawn1209

The repercussions of your whispers
folded in auburn creases
between satin tangled corners
where sighs were lost beneath the epiphany of prayers....
So lonely beside the apparitions of your last goodnight kiss,
I curl into the echoes
breathe in the essence
of a orchid fragranced daybreak
as the sunlight traces my skin
in an angel's last rites,
tangled in the song of your heartbeat,
igniting my existence in a fire
that burns away the desolate hours
awaiting in those lost shadows of "goodbye"

Our life is the voice of prismed Gardens of Gestheme
of smiles and tears
loneliness and survival
as we become the rainbows beyond the storms we endure
there is a lullaby
so softly it hums in the sighs beyond our yearnings
as we dream to rise above the colors of ache

above and beyond the tears that glisten in the aftermath
of the stillness that clings, like a child, to the security of a tattered teddy bear
in an unmerciful night of uncertainty
we awaken to the fragile kiss of an unborn morning
playing peek-a-boo behind cirrus clouds of an imprisoned temple,
we soar upon the kitestrings of nostalgia and fairytales,
rewriting the poetry every winter scintillates
beyond emerald garden remembrances,
redefining the coveted corners
of our midnight deluge

In an opulent surrender,
She sears incandescently,
Dangling from crescents final immaculate gleam,
beneath clinched knuckles, holding on so tightly,
because we know
....we know...
if we ever let go
we will fall into the winds of yesterday
and tomorrow will fade into the whirlwind spiral
of everything that
...could have...
...should have...
...might have...

And every fabled breath we've felt beneath the wings of our souls
has carried our love above the fate of sandcastles that sway
in tides of a river's embrace

There are moments, still
When that forgotten little girl
left along the sidelines of this journey
so long before she was found
in that relentless game of "hide and seek"
she haunts me in canopy of nighttides the woman sheds a tear at her headstone...
The Raven ascends beyond the memory
and the hours and tears that gave birth to her wings
becomes the Phoenix that unravels her prophecy,
the oracle of her strength
...the myths of her longing, cradled in the pause of a Nightingale's unspoken crave....

I swallow these tears
and spill them into an ink
brailled in sutures that silence the scars
beneath the dog-eared corners of paper dream testimonies
discovered in the ashes of a forgotten voice
sifted from ageless granules of heart's truth
a violin's percussion
orchestrated in revelations of Brahm's restless rain,
I will dance upon that hymnal
in exhales
"soft and hushed in a wonderland of unspoken understanding"
and we become all that is never spoken
in the glance of eyes
in the art of touch
in the inhalation of a kiss exchanged in the ache of lips
that whisper
"Sweet Dreams, I Love You"
so many miles between my pillow and yours
so few breaths between your exhales and mine
and life is a wall of distance
that steals your touch from dreams
yet those dreams become the bridge
that unites us eternally
as I rest my heart upon your pillow
softly drowning in this unmade bed
lost in the satin silhouette
of you.

searchingfordreams2.gif picture by dawn1209

Beyond The Wings Of Dawn Cowan


I breathe in the cinnamon of a mocha morning sunrise
drenched in the blur of nighttide's last kiss,
swayed in dandelion's silkspun breezes,
swallowing moon-stirred wishes of your name
beyond the dangling echoes
of finite and infinite

The ebon flutter of tiffany whispers
lassoed in the curve of tick-tock hands
softly wrapped around jagged edges
of yesterday's spiralling dreams,
free-falling into time's prophetic vortex
of love's afterglow,
so softly nestled in our vision of an unbridled Elysium,
where I lay, singed, in the aftermath
of a parted resurrection
stolen beneath fragments of parched farewells
cupped in the hands of lonely-draped Autumns,
a lost season beyond the hearts midnight addictions

The velvet quietude of firefly fairytales,
ageless as Pan,
captured in silhouetted REM's
so delicately perched upon unhinged fingertips
weary from the clasp of prayers,
unaware of the aftertaste of cocoon silk
spilled in a watercolor ritual
stained in the cirrus silence of
this star-shimmered cadence,
raining upon the parasol of night's eyes,
as the shades of stilled droplets are brailled
upon the ardent reign of this Percussion's Grail
the fragrance of wildflowers pirouette
in a feather-down rhapsody upon windswept covenants
where paper dreams are bookmarked
in twilight's last exhale,
as Cinderella slippers ache
to dance beyond the myth,

rewriting every driftwood epiphany
in the pause of each breath held
between the scars of band-aided heartbreaks
and the windchimes of fragile omens,
as raindrops spill upon broken petals
slumbering in a distance beyond
tear-smeared rainbows that faded into gray,
where I prayed for the colors of you redefine me...

I drifted into those sacred realms,
escaping as Van Winkle slept,
running barefoot through our taffeta-flower's song,
leaving winter behind in Snow White fantasies,
as your wings became the real
I had spent my life in search of,
a poetry that writes me
in a soul's ink that bleeds into my verses,
and completes the silence hummed from the voice of my heart,
fingertraced from the pages of an unborn Neverland,
now awakened in cascading memories
predestined in the chapters of your love,
once upon a time

....once upon a time....

a little girl dreaming of butterflies and daisies,
now holding onto the kitestrings
of life's most precious gift,
found within the winds of your heart and mine,
my own wings spread, unafraid,
I'm standing upon the ledge of your heart,
as the haze of OZ unveils the illusive yellow-brick road

...and I know....

...I know....

I will always...know......

There is no place like home,

and home is where I'm curled
in the refuge of You,
as ribbons of time's Emerald City unfold
into this Wonderland Storybook of US,
and, life is but a dream, is but a dream...

come true


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Join Our Family Beneath The Stars

A Tapestry of Sandcastle Omens - Dawn Cowan


Opaque-muted murmurs drenched in ink
upon pastel petals of daydreams,
Chiffon rapture swirls in breezes
hovering in a haze of nebula-painted ache,
An Aurora Borealis' epiphany from rekindled ashes,
spilling like dandelion wishes
cast into the realms of midnight sandcastles
built upon the shores of precious time
beyond an ocean of cerulean mystique
that haunted my dreams long before
the lighthouse of your voice craving my ivory descent
upon the cursive tapestry of unbraided sacraments
into the soft lullaby awaiting in the harbor of your love
cashmere echoes, resounding beyond pale roses
of abandoned pauses within snow-frosted serenades
calmed the impatience of a ethereal loneliness
lost in the torrential tides of life,
endlessly searching
for the coveted haven of your kiss,
exchanging breaths that translated
the promise of a nocturnal moon-brushed dawn,
laced in the memory of cinnamon nights
still lingering wet upon my lips,
searing the silhouette of my curl
in the holywater christened ballet
doused beyond an eclipse of willow-shadowed resonance
unhurriedly undressing the poetry of my soul
into sacred psalms of your sublime refuge
adorned in twilight orchards
beyond the scriptures of mists
cascading from our eyes in an unspoken silence,
tangled in the windchimes of two heartbeats,
redefining the myths of forgotten reveries
into an equinox of predestined omens,
spiralling through the sleeping branches
of all that has been awakened
in these unshackled rainbows of raven wings
yearning to know the prisms of your touch

In a world of cotton-candy clouded mirages,
destiny sculptured a cirrus opus of love's sweetest song,
all I ever prayed for
was to dance for a lifetime
in the amethyst tranquility of your azure lyrics,
unraveling the music of time's synthetic passion
into the real of our beautiful ballad,
timeless and eternal,
as the ebb and tide of our river's current
pouring a sacred hum upon slumbering shores
resurrected in the cobalt watermark
in the wake of twin souls drifting
into an unanchored abyss of candlelit surrender,
draped in turquoise exhales
unveiling the rouge-pearled compass of redemption,
cocooned beneath the footsteps of each broken road
from that lonely distance between...
forgotten yesterdays and wished-for tomorrow's

For every tear absorbed into the comfort
of tattered teddy bears...
for every shattered fairytale, rebuilt
upon the shifting sands of crimson regrets...
beneath the scar of each band-aided heartbreak
that stalked my trust beyond the beacon
of an illusive truth of forever's embrace....
the fragile arms of your crystalline essence
...always softly beckoning me...
so tenderly guiding my heart
into the opaline-jeweled sanctuary of US


The Love I've Searched A Lifetime To Find....

image"Bri" ....eternal .....~smile~

My Media


Garth......The Red Strokes

Paper Dream - by Dawn Cowan


I am an afterthought,
...a paper dream...
folded and forgotten
in the pocket of your jeans,
A stolen kiss,
lost in your flee
from the candystore,

The shadowed curve
of a crescent moon,
half of a whole
dangling in sacrifice
to the stars that outshine,
a final teardrop
before the slaughter,
purged into edges
of loves last breath

I am the jagged silence,
of a broken wish,
a jaded blade of nexus
lodged into the soul
of a heart unguarded,
your fingerprints still linger,
fresh upon the handle of promises,
reflections of a smile on loan,
burned into the sword before the slay...

I am the fragmented child,
in search of a voice, that beckons,
whispers are the only map,
I hold on to the edge of them,
illusive tracks of this runaway train,
screaming through the darkness
into the light of your voice
aimless feet, a step ahead
of destiny,
always two steps behind
the crossroads
of that place
where love awaits me...

Petals from my hair,
blow into the passing winds,
stealing your breath
from their fragrance,
fading the velvet colors
into stone,
as they fall beneath
my final parade,
crushed and torn,
mere remnants
left behind in footprints,

...of a paper dream....


Ann's Song - A Windchime's Lullaby - by Dawn Cowan
(a song for my mother)

Your love was a wish behind the breath of dandelions,
the sway of yellow petals brushing against
the windowpanes of my daydreams,
where I lay in emerald blankets of remembrance
lost in the sunlight of your smile,
behind the mysterious artistry of your eyes
holding back the voice of a heart
drowning in the silence of something deeper
than I would ever touch or understand

I walked in the shadows of your essence,
aching for a glimpse beyond the wall
of veiled sacrifices hidden behind a curtain of time,
scribing the memoirs of your enigma
upon the pages of my life,
as the verses of yours
lassoed the ink of a misunderstood silence,
unleashing imprisoned whispers
into the metaphor of a curtain-call gaze
brushed upon the palette of your last breath,
wrapping around my soul in the velvet wings
of a mother's kiss never placed upon my cheek,
yet forever felt within my soul

You were as fragile as the wings of a butterfly
gracing the petals of a flower yet unnamed,
as the world stood from a distance
to admire the elegance of a paper-angel,
an ethereal presence that stained midnight
in the crimson of her hidden tears
her laugh was a sacred lullaby
that stilled the storms of fading yesterdays,
beyond her own uncertain tomorrow's,
where I've planted a garden in her memory
with seeds of every stardusted dream
she never had the chance to touch,
blossoming in hallowed meadows
of her beauty that will forever fragrance
the cashmere breezes of a daughter's Heaven
I never knew until the final touch of her hand

You told me once that the wind
was the breath of angels
blanketing twilight in their presence,
and I smile tonight as I listen
to the music of windchimes outside my window,
and I know that you are the serenade,
and the lyrics to the song that that moves them


THE ART OF Dawn Cowan


Severe these wings born beneath the twilight of Stars,
wrapped around bleeding hearts in whispers of compassion
reflections of my fathers eyes,
seeing beyond the surface of deceit,
into a vision of a sacred place
where friendship never falters
in the storms of chaos
and bonds of trust walk upon water,
as tears are dried in the breath of angels
praying for blindness in the onslaught of betrayal
that befalls those who embrace the art of words
brushed in colors of the soul,
and the vibrant colors of love are veiled in gray
by jealous hands of false prophets
bleeding crimson anger upon a palette of self destruction

These footprints have endured storms more brutal
than the edge of their words could ever scribe
into the shell of empty verses
that will never know the freedom of wings
spread above fragile winds of truth
as the emptiness that bleeds so deep within them
defines a mapless life, coursed upon a journey
that deteriorates, one breath at a time,
beneath the beating of hearts too cold
to ever dance in the sunlight of self security,
as the reflection in the mirror is always one
glimpse beyond the face of what is real
and two steps behind the silver coated
lining of all that is wished for

These wings may bleed today
as ivory painted hands,
so discreetly hidden behind their backs,
conceals the sanguine saturated knives of betrayal
still bares just enough silver clean of the slaughter
to capture the reflection their fairytale smile
to convince those arriving upon the scene, unaware,
that the execution of compassion, trust, and love
was nothing more than a tragic massacre of innocence
that unfolded upon the pages of consequence
just before they book marked the chapters of false intentions,
and surrendered to dreams of sand castles that were destined to fall
beneath the currents of vengeance

Severe these wings born beneath the twilight of Stars,
wrapped around bleeding hearts in whispers of compassion
reflections of my fathers eyes,
seeing beyond the surface of deceit,
into the eyes of a sacred place
where friendship never falters
in the storms of chaos
and bonds of trust walk upon water,
as tears are dried in the breath of angels
I pray for blindness in the onslaught of betrayal
that befell me as I embraced the art of words
brushed in colors of the soul,
and the tears that wash away the colors of their ink
shall become the rainbows that grace the skies
of lessons learned in the art of trust


Bri and Dawn Collab's....



Wrapped between white sheets of lightning
intoxicated in the glow
of a beautiful Fairytale come true
my nights find their way back
the linger of seductive kisses still wetting my thirst
as the clasp of demanding fingers find me
aching to drown in the swell of your warm summer rain
tender drops of pearl deliverance
guiding me Home
where wind blown whispers
come from the breath of your swallow
slaying me with silent urgency
reflecting the burn in our eyes
uncovering truths pouring heat
exposing velvet tremors surrendering
within a sprinkle of tears
Falling From Heaven

Lost in the poetry of your satin reign,
tangled in a saxophone-hummed hymnal
of your heartbeat pressed against my flesh
an inferno of sanguine-seared lavender
cascading in psalms of orchid meadows,
swaying in the fevered rapture of climatic eclipses,
etched in unbuttoned remnants
of love's corseted tapestry
in that place where opal palms touched passion
fraying the hem of emerald-soaked mornings
in amber embers of southern lullabys
laced in pink petals spiraling from my dreams,
and I beg to wear your crimson
deep in the tender of my lilac-strewn windsong,
silhouetted in pale blossoms against your candlelit worship,
a blanket of rouge upon my imprisoned gray,
exhaled upon the parchment of a destined curve
that pulls me into the Opus of your body,
as we become one
in the calm mercy of a Merlot-blushed sunset,
sinking beneath coveted midnight sacrifices
upon an altar of burlesque-scribed redemption
into willow-curved epiphanies of our fragile storm,
and I wear the colors of your love
in a butterfly-prismed rainbow
of scattered halos
that will eternally stain the horizons
of my existence

Lay me down on cirrus pillows of your needs,
and I will dance you in frail serenades of hunger,
nocturnal inhalations of saturated syllables
drinking your name in tides of pouted corners
of a resurrected smile
craving the nectar of your release
spilling like dandelions in the dew of spring showers,
binding me in a secret-thunder siege
of the Chopin spell of your verses,
holding me hostage in your ink,
rendering me undone in the delicate desire
of your brailled trembles
Handwritten vows from my lips to yours
you'll find my signature scorched
exposed to the beckoning of your blaze
skyline promises reaching for the stars
bathing us in liquid shimmers
beneath a tempest of moonlight falls
as I swim in waves of your radiant sunrise
plunging HeartFirst into Forever

So sacred are the moments
when souls ignite
beyond the fire of Savannah-torn pages
into unspoken revelations
of tongue-traced confessions
as a moon-veiled premonition
bleeds into a translation
that redefines the desert-parched cashmere
of hearts folded in wish-creased bookmarks
dangling between timeless paragraphs,
awakening in baptized chapters
of the destiny you have written
so soft upon the canvas of my skin


..........a Brian and Dawn Collab............



I've marveled at many riches in my lifetime
but never felt treasures so soft and golden
as when the lights go down
and I watch you slide upon the pillow of my chest
flesh to flesh
laced in warmth of heartbeats
as our eyes seek and find
the kiss of love
Moments like this are gifts of sacred surrender
intimacy known only to the rarest of worship
where you give Everything
and Beg for the pleasure of it All
Heaven becomes the thunder
for what is truly Amazing Grace
as God created Woman
and allowed Me
the essence of your Garden of Eden
wrapped inside the purity of an Angel
Delivering Us
into the Promise of Eternal

The breath of your incessant interlude found me
beyond the veil
between dreams and awakenings
I was a forgotten sandcastle
abandoned in the aftermath
of the ebb and flow of tides
cradled in the corners of pursed lips
so patiently awaiting to be the drought
in your sierra reign
unwept in the driftwood of twilight wishes
bow-tied in tiffany whispers
of answered prayers cascading in hallowed memoirs,
tangled in the sway of fabled masts
resurrected in the ambience of umblemished winds,
You became the season
beyond every winter
sliding between the pink of petals
of our lilac-strewn spring
imprisoned in the addiction of a dandelion's prophecy
cast in the breezes of your Autumn-soaked enigma
your undefined passion unravels a flawless emergence,
redefining the contour of word-adrift fears
into the curve of my salvation
I let go of the wind
free-falling into the canopy of your emerald gaze,
I see the reflection of redemption
bruised in sapphire velvet
within the silence of my heart
that hums your name in a brailled-concerto
playing like a sunset's labyrinth
upon the shores of my summer-swept mind...

beneath a smoldering of chiffon sighs
curled in the precious chestnut of a rose's blush
I find myself swirling within misty bursts
as shadows of moonlight dance upon my tongue
while I trace a roaring fire in the currents of our verse
writing poetry with each breath
transcribing jade-swept pulses within every murmur,
a composition for our song of thirst,
as I savor the spill of sweet
in a divine collision of explosions
Everything Beautiful
Everything Us
in a Symphony of Tremors

And I pray....
to drown in the cyan silhouette of our truth
beneath the river-shimmered cadence of stars
recalling the rock-a-bye distance between
the hour I fell from the balcony of nights
longer than the languish within me
to gaze into the mandarin afterglow of a Monet-Eclipse,
when everything I ever coveted
everything I had always wanted
I found in the crescent
of your fragile lavender tapestry,
as the hush of your indigo psalms
sprinkled into the the nectar of parched mornings,
strumming the trembles of a beautiful storm
into the quiet of cobalt blue rainbows
so fiercely fevered for the colors of your rain

And I ache....
to be the composer of your Chopin-strummed ballad,
the artist of this cerulean-pulsed percussion
to become the intricate ink
overflowing upon our Holy Grail
in that place where your presence lingers
beneath the sapphire overcast of an Avalon rapture
that stills the flutter of butterflies
as I brace myself upon the ledge
of your inarticulate lullaby,
clinging to the syllables in your feather-down rhapsody
knowing i have...fallen
rustled in the morning breezes
of your windswept covenents of
"I love you's"
scribed upon the the vortex of eternity
entangled in the palms of driftwood wishes
unbroken from every shattered evergreen epiphany
unfurled in the pearled watermark of your ethereal Shangri-La
forever creased between these pages of my life
where I lay naked, exposed in brailled-bookmarks
spiralling beneath the fingerprints
of our arabesque ecstasy
where hearts are reborn in the lyrics
of your beautiful music,
holding me in a suede cocoon
of an unspoken resonance
beneath the sycamore parasol of a night
where I engraved my name upon your soul
as you etched yours into the fragrance
of wildflowers pirouetting in the chapters
of every unborn tomorrow
and you are home
in the sanctuary of my embrace,
where midnight stains our sunrise
in an opus that preordained
everything I thought I knew before YOU
as fate unbuttoned my tear-smeared memories,
brushing the vortex of your beauty
into the burn of cashmere afterglows
where our glances have spoken
more than words could ever bleed
between the pause
of pearl-braided gossamer exhales
seered in a crimson ardency
beyond a wonderland that descended upon us,
into a incandescent ascension
upon Alabaster clouds of an unbridled Zion
where the vessel of your arms
became the only wings

I would ever need again


~*~....a Brian and Dawn collab...~*~


Crimson Reign - a Dawn and Jen Collaboration

Were my words....
the hands
that sculpted
the heartbeat
of your soul
into the breath
that passed
across my shoulders,
in places where
your fingertips
brushed back my
hair, exposing
the curve
of my neck...

Were my thoughts,
a bridge, I traveled
into a place where
time stood still,
save for the
moonlight whispers
of your...
cascading down
the passages
of my dreams,
turned the brightest
shade of scarlet
for the want of you,
Monet to skin

I lay, undone

Longing to be
the Masterpiece
you create
with your touch,
aching to feel the
soul you paint
into my eyes
Glazed, windows
to the fire,
banked no more
let free,
to burn, cinders

Ash ascends,
quickens the breath
that become the
wings of crimson
glow, born of
inhalations of
distant blue...
graze the smolder
that pierces the
invisible heat,
seeking the
source with
eyes of touch,
requiring no

Let fall, the rain

to cleanse our
flesh, slick
with the wet
of salvations
thirst, strums
to move our
souls, to one
into frenzied limbs
I reach for
the fire in you
out of the ashes
let us rise, reborn
to worship
the heat of day
as you carve your
into my palms
raised to the
glory of nights
inhaling sunrise

My words....
hands that sculpted
the heartbeat
of your soul

Moistened in
the reign,
tracing the
press upon
skin, as they
in a season,
somewhere in between
a winter without creed,
and the spring of our
spilling over the banks
of our deliverance....

(...a collaboration between dawnscontellation and A Poetic Princess...)

Rituals of Watercolors - A Dawn and Jen Collaboration


In the hollow spaces
Where there is neither light, nor dark
And time swirls, an insignificant marker
To the feelings echoing,
in my cavern of longing
Here, where distance
Discovers the course
Never ending
And tunnels reverberate
with my breath,
Turning shallow clouds of hope
Into the silhouette
Of lovers twined

Find me...I am here, waiting

Unravel the whispers,
spent in words, hiding beneath them,
they will never define me....
The breaths within, a lighthouse,
weaving a passageway into
the soul of my afterlife,
beneath a slash in tear-stained pages,
corners that bleed in creases of forbidden foyers,
a bookmark in time...leading me back to that place
....that place...

Where you wait...and, I will find you

There, knee deep
in the oceans of dreams,
You linger
Virgin lips full of prayers,
For the baptisms,
of sublime reincarnations
That pulse through your veins, crimson
As you weave from sky to coral'd reef
begging for the completion
Through mantra'd Sanskrit
You see behind amber iris' rise
Willing to drown, only to be reincarnated
Within the tears of ache
Brushed tender with back of hand,
as you enfold my tides
Into your moon will find us

We are there
Within the blue quietude of a tear,
christened in the divine glow of
Lips pursed to swallow this need....
trickling down cheeks, like a song
escaping through your sighs, in a dream....
Drink of my soul, taste of my body,
enrapture this sacred union,
Scar not these eyes, drowning in focus,
Crystal blue carnal conception,
consumed in ebbs of your benediction,
The cross weighs heavy
Upon your wings, seeking rapture,
Devour my journey into your ritual,
I will fall upon the altar of sacrifice,
Veins of starvation, staining hunger,
Piercing the velvet hush,
Cascading into an ocean of exaltation,
Moonlight spills silver into this communion,
as stardust tangles in moistened hair
drenched in the downpour
of this sacred discovery..

There, you will find

And we, by the light the stars allow
Stir tender arouse, through flesh and fire
Bound, as one, through this life, and next
Eternal through the boundaries
that have turned to ash
Our divine dalliance will remain
No longer in shades of grey,
But the colors of us, painted on
the valleys of arch
In the most brilliant of watercolors

(a collaboration between dawnsconstellation and A Poetic Princess, aka...Jen and Dawn)


The Arithmetic Of A Kiss - A Dawn Cowan and Mari Laureano Collaboration

There is a spell,
and it begins in the wrists, electric
as tiny pink sequins, a birdcall,
a kiss along the rim of a drinking glass,
lips wet with song,
though every verb is imperfect
in this cerulean range of octaves,
violet is named after lavender equations,
and the glitter at the end of your spine
lined with the discordant hum
of tendons wrapped in twilight,

see how I am stitched,
out of the dark fabric of sky,
my body torn from petticoats and corsets,
a kiss, tinged in velvet

Secret thunder, moistened in droplets of sighs
sprinkled in lambent exhales,
of translucent, moon-swayed
porcelin premonitions
whispered beyond the quiet diamonds
glistening in a bridled ache upon ethreal tongues,
unraveled in a drifting paradise
tangled in cotton candy confessions
swirling from midnight heartsongs
into the sacred taste of murmers
swallowed in emerald hues
as the crescent lullaby of parted smiles
sway in a mandolin-strummed concerto,
every echo from the depths
of our prismatic rivulets
sear the jeweled rain in satin traces,
fingertips to the curve of pink pouts
dowsing the soft deluge of a celadon prisage
into the depths of blue-iris mirrors
devouring the inhalations of such deliberate beauty
in the logarithm of your kiss,
wet with its integers, slipping
into incantations and absinthe,
and this clamor at the end of my spine,
spilling gold into the limbs,

there is a spell, and it begins
in depths, electric
as tiny pink sequins, a birdcall,
a breath, given in quicksilver octaves,
beneath onyx and ruby hues,
this pearled hush
trickling beyond a delicate siege
into the sum of keepsakes
swallowed in the nectar
of mulberry petals, saturated
in the quiet still of two souls, tasted
beyond the press of lips,
held sacred in the garment of eyes
forever burned into the reflection
of sapphire mornings and cinnamon dreams

and the arithmetic is all in the wrists
...and the spell of this kiss...


A Mari and Dawn/Raven Twin Collaboration